There are many reasons why a business would want to conduct business abroad. Foreign markets offer new potential, by increasing the number to prospects but also by offering a product not available in that new market. Other benefits may include advantageous tax or labor laws. With opportunities come challenges, over the years we have helped our clients navigate the process of doing business past their borders. 



Compliance is a big part of the work that needs to be done before one can export a business. We assist our clients with business entities registration, tax strategy as well as licensing.

Market Studies

Every market has different needs and potential. We can assist you with your market studies effort to understand the local environment and assess challenges and opportunities.


Nealberg can assist you with the creation of your digital existence. Your new business will need a website, design work and a brand identity tweaked to be suitable for the foreign market.


Customer acquisition is key for a new business. While your business may be well known at home, starting abroad often means starting from scratch. We can assist you with the public education effort to introduce your brand, products and services to a new market. Channels include digital marketing, public relations as well as traditional advertising

Real Estate

Conducting business abroad often means having one or several physical locations. The process can be time consuming. We can assist you with securing the right locations and broker introduction with a specialized attorney who will review and advise your company on leases. Signing a lease bears a lot of financial risks, it should not be taken lightly. States have rules in place that real estate locations must follow in order to conduct business. For instance, complying with the building code.

Business Operations

Starting operations in a new country can be overwhelming. The mistake we have seen over the years, was companies not able to delegate, trying to do everything in house, the same way they conducted business at home. This is a recipe for disaster. To be successful in your journey, your business must adapt to the local market, both to consumers and to rules. Our team stands ready to assist you with day to day operations such as hiring, training or advertising so you can focus on the core of your competencies that cannot be delegated.