Our clients

Over the years we have helped companies achieve their goals both by expanding their reach in their home market and by expanding abroad.

Our partners

We have worked with higher education groups to extend their outreach in countries like the U.S, China or Australia. We managed every aspect of the business outreach effort: from market studies to compliance as well as execution of the project. 

We worked with online glasses companies. Some of them want to start doing business abroad, some of them want to improve their digital effort locally or simply improve their products offerings

We work with teleophthalmology companies to refine their business model, extend their reach in markets with high needs for remote care. We have seen many companies with great products developed in the wrong markets. They easily achieved success abroad.

We assist corporate optical retailers in their international expansion. We also work regularly with independent opticians who wish to either move to the U.S or open shop in the U.S. We guide them through the process, both for the business, but also on the personal level: immigration laws, visas, degree equivalency, real estate. 

Thanks to our business experience, we have helped individuals achieve their American dream. We advised them on legal requirements to obtain a visa and help them secure a job. We also offer logistical assistance to those wanting to move abroad. We work with some of the best immigration attorneys. Some of our clients also needed assistance with investors visa, business plan preparation and local operations.

We work regularly with private optometry offices on their digital marketing strategy. Whether an optometrist starts “cold” or needs to revamp his strategy. We provide optometrists with the tools for digital marketing success: branding, social media management, SEO, website and logo and design as well as PR for brand awareness.