The Team


John McNeal


John is a change management consultant . He is a graduate from Princeton University. John is an expert in project management and a foreign affair expert thanks to his experience working as a US State Department Foreign Service Officer. 

Nicolas Gilberg


Nicolas has a clinical and academic background. He is a graduate from South Paris University, he taught in France for about 10 years. After more schooling in Boston he obtained his doctorate degree in optometry. Nicolas brings to the group the ophthalmic market expertise 

Quentin Drion

chief technical officer

Quentin, based in Geneva, is our IT Lead acting as CTO. Currently holding a Senior IT management position in one of the world leading logistic companies, his expertise is mainly focused on infrastructure, Cyber Security, Business Continuity and risk management. He also has the ability to understand and explain IT solutions and issues to technical and non-technical audiences as well as explain digital Transition and Transformation challenges.

Seb Pasquali

Business process expert

Sebastian works as a Aerospace eProduct & Project Manager for a leading logistic company.  His expertise is to design, develop, deliver and manage complex Innovative Value Added Supply Chain web application &Business Process Solutions aligning technology to business and focusing on improvement continuity.

Austin Milian

Machine learning engineer

Austin is trained as UI/UX engineer. He is now working on unannounced projects in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for one of the big 4 tech companies.  He gives valuable insight to our clients on what the future of technology looks like and what it will be able to achieve .

F. Nwanyanwu

Chief medical officer

Francis is clinical professor of family medicine in Ohio. He was raised in Nigeria before moving to the US as a teenager. Thanks to his cultural awareness, Francis is also our Africa liaison, a very promising market for companies looking for growth.

Diego Angelo


Diego was trained in France as well as in the US. He is a doctor of optometry with a focus on medical retina. Diego also served as a professor for the European Diploma in Optometry and in numerous positions as a professional trainer

Cosmin Audat

France Liaison

Cosmin is a professional trainer and sales coach for an international optical retailer company. He is also responsible for execution of management strategy and in charge of telemedicine implementation.